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President of the Institute
President of the Eurasian Open Institute Vladimir P. Tikhomirov
Vladimir P. Tikhomirov

Vladimir P. Tikhomirov is the first enthusiast and distinguished scholar in Russia who has pioneered Distance education, implemented innovative method of teaching, e-learning programs across Russia and beyond. Vladimir P. Tikhomirov is Academic, Ph. D in economics, professor, honored with the Gold Medal “Social Acknowledgement“ and “Honor Medal”.

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Rector of the Institute
Rector of the Eurasian Open Institute Sergei N. Isaev
Sergei N. Isaev

Welcome to the web site of Eurasian Open Institute. EAOI is a high profile leader of distance education and the leader in the implementation of cutting edge technologies in education.

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About the Institute

Choosing the institute where you want to study – is difficult decision for many people. We offer you the information about the Eurasian Open Institute (EOI). We hope it will help you to make the right decision.

Eurasian Open Institute (EOI) began to work in 1998. The basic activities of the Institute are training and education of experts in the areas of marketing, management, economics and information technology. The Eurasian Open Institute – the recognized leader in the implementation of e-learning and innovative management of knowledge in higher education.
All learning specialties have the government accreditation. During the education process the Eurasian Open Institute completely follows the government educational standard and provides a high educational level.

Today at the Eurasian Open Institute 3500 students, more than 35000 listeners, 150 post-graduate students are learning. 

The wide regional network of institute includes 9 branches and 75 partner organizations in Russia and the CIS countries.

The Institute actively collaborates with state institutions of higher education which are constituents of The International Consortium “Electronic University” and also with educational and methodological associations (EMA) which define the educational standards of various specialities.

EOI is a member of recognized professional organizations: The Russian Association of Business Education and The Russian Marketing Association. EOI provides an extensive range of study options: degree programs (duration of 3-6 years), second degree programs (3-5 years), post-graduate courses and additional professional education (professional retraining, additional training, short-term courses).

Eurasian Open Institute suggests to get the first higher education , the second higher education, postgraduate education and additional professional education: professional retraining, additional training courses and short-term courses.

Eurasian Open Institute implements programs of the higher economic education, higher education in sphere of management, the higher IT education. EOI - the recognized expert in the field of organization of distance learning.

Higher professional education assumes obtaining of the first and second higher education in following modes: full-time, weekend courses, off-site and distance learning.

Degree and Certificate Programs: Academic Programs, Second Degree, Continuing Education, Professional Trainings
Undergraduate Study: Management, Organization Management, Commerce, Marketing, Accounting, Finance and credit, Economics Information Technologies, Applied informatics science and Applied informatics in economy;

Postgraduate Study: Economics and Management of the national economy, Mathematical Methods in the Study of the Economics;

Additional Professional education programs: Management; Finances and Credit; Accounting, Analysis and Audit; Applied Informatics; Information technologies;

Vocational retraining courses: Finances, Accounting, Personnel management, Marketing, IT and Internet technologies, Logistics

Short-term courses: we offer nearly 350 distance  training courses in major fields of study.
Study Modes:
Choose the mode of study that suits you best
Full-time study:  it is a stimulating experience: students study in a modern setting with state-of-the art computing classrooms, work face-to-face with academics, teachers and professors, attend lectures and classes six times a week, enjoy a friendly and supportive atmosphere and make lasting friendships. 

Off-campus study:  if you cannot attend to the campuses regularly, you can consider off-campus mode of study. You can conduct your studies elsewhere, whilst we provide you with access to adequate resources to do study.  You will however, need to travel to the Institute for key activities twice a year for approximately 20-30 days to take tests and examinations at the end of a degree program. Also you meet your teachers in person for supervision meetings, although the above can also take place via Skype or by email and on the phone.

Weekend mode of study:  the Weekend study programs have been structured so that you can get the most out of education process without interfering into your week day schedule or routine. 
Distance mode of study –  Eurasia Open Institute has been rated as one of the best for Distance Education progrmas with all advanced technolgies available for your benefits. You can study from a distance, at home or at work, at leisure or when travelling. Our specialists from Student Support Team will provide support on line 24 hours a day. You will have direct access to a huge range of information, electronic library, recorded or live lectures, and many more resources.

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